How do I find out her finger size?

How do you find her finger size without ruining the surprise?  First, congratulations on finding your special someone.  Now it’s time to find the finger size.  This can be tricky, but here are a few suggestions to help as you do recon work.

1) Kidnap a ring she may have and get is sized.  Even if its not the correct size you can still get an idea what ball park you’re in.  This will help you make an educated guess.  Don’t worry sizing most rings up or down 1 size is not a big deal and will not affect the integrity of the ring unless there are 100′s of little pave stones.

2) If you dont want to take a ring you can trace the circumference or diameter on a piece of paper then convert that measurement into a finger size using sizing conversion chart.

3) Average size 6 fits a person who is 140 lbs and 5’6″.

4) Press the ring in a bar of soap and make an impression.

5) Try to get her talking about engagement rings and sizing.  Go to the mall with her and stop in a store, make up a reason about getting someone a bday gift or something special for your mom.  Look at styles and ask them to size her.

6) If all else fails ask around.  Perhaps she has mentioned something to her mom or friends.  If that do not know you can ask them to ask her so you’re off the hook.

Don’t worry you’re not alone on this and most jewelers have thought about the possibility that you may order the wrong size.  Guesstimate and if you’re wrong no problem.  Pompeii3 offer free sizing for 6 months.  Some metals are not sizable such as cobalt, titanium, and tungsten.  Some ring styles such as eternity rings and micro pave bands cannot be sized.  Titanium rings made of really hard steel and even when heated they cannot be stretched or compressed like precious metal rings such as gold and platinum.  Micro pave bands cannot be sized more than 1/2 size because there are so many small prongs they are likely to come loose and have stones fall out.  Eternity rings are not sizable as well because they have diamonds that go all the way around the band.  Hope this info help and good luck with the proposal!



What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are trending and turning heads in the diamond industry.  The biggest difference and reason a consumer would purchases these in my opinion PRICE.  Pompeii3 sells lab grown diamonds for at least 30% less than natural diamonds.  Many manufacturers state they are eco friendly and environmentally responsible.  This is true and may appeal to some, but the bottom line is they are cheaper and superior in terms of quality and made of exactly the same material, carbon!

These are more reasons why you should love lab grown diamonds;



40%less than an equivalent earth-mined diamond.


98%of earth-mined diamonds currently available.


100%pure carbon. These are real diamonds.


100%from disclosed labs in first world countries.

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Customers LOVE Pompeii3

This is a big thank you to ALL of our customers.  We appreciate the business and love when you send us picture of the jewelry being worn.  Most of our products are bridal and engagement related and we know how important and special they are.  This is an exciting time in your life and we’re happy to help make memories.  Thank you again !


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Morganite Diamond Jewelry


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Pompeii3 does an amazing job with vintage style designs, mix antique and morganite and I’m in LOVE!  This is another one of my favorite stunning morganite designs in white gold with an art deco flair.

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What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are new to the market and making a splash in the diamond market!  Lab grown diamonds are not synthetic or to be confused with cz’s.  These are REAL diamonds that have the same chemical composition and brilliance.  The stones is cut just like a diamond and uses the same diamond cutting materials.  Pompeii3 is now selling VS to VVS lab grown diamonds purchased from EX3 Created a US distributor of very high quality ideal cut lab grown diamonds in Libertyville, IL.  Lab grown diamonds price about 20% less and look exactly the same…..keep in mind its DIAMOND!

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Floral Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

The new engagement ring trend is floral.  Twinning petals mixed with milgrain and diamonds is this years most popular diamond engagement trend.  Designers are charging a lot for this style but not Pompeii3.  We have offered a floral style vintage vine affordable engagement ring collection.  These are a few of our popular styles all priced under $1000.  Get designer vine style vintage engagement rings without designer prices.

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How much to spend on an engagement ring?

How much should you spend on a diamond engagement ring?

This question often gets asked, and there is no reason why you should overspend especially with all the online deals we offer.  That being said, our rule of thumb is you should spend 2 months salary on an engagement ring.  Our feeling is a traditional engagement ring features a genuine diamonds.  No a lab created diamond, not a moissanite diamond, not a Charles and covard fake diamond a 100% genuine real diamond made of carbon.  Dont deny the one you love a genuine diamond engagement ring regardless of the size.  You would rather have a small but real diamond, than a syntetic replica that is large.  Can anyone tell the difference, yes!  You can tell and anyone that has a real diamond can tell.  Buy a genuine diamond engagement ring and spend 2 months salary.


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Pompeii3 Pic of the week;

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What is the best wedding band?

What is the best wedding band?  The best wedding band is made to your size. The best wedding band is made from extractude tubing and completely seamless.

Sizing rings is not good for the structural integrity.  Cutting and soldering will create a weak spot in the ring kind of like breaking a bone, it will eventually repair but where it joins is not as strong as it originally was.  Given that you will be wearing this ideally for the rest of your life you want to make sure is durable.

At Pompeii3 we make all of our bands from extracted tubing, this means we are making the wedding band from a solid piece of metal instead of casting.  This type of production ensures the ring has no porosity or brittle pieces.  Large wedding band manufacturers like ourselves usually buy tubing because we can make many rings as oppose to smaller shops the investment is too much.

The best wedding band is one that is seamless.  At Pompeii3 we never bend metal around and solder it to make a wedding band.  Its made from solid metal tubing to ensure structure and integrity.  Our wedding bands will last a lifetime.

6MM flat comfort fit high polished wedding band from Pompeii3

6MM flat comfort fit high polished wedding band from Pompeii3

Stackable diamond eternity rings are stacking up in the jewelry industry

stackable diamond and sapphire eternity bands

stackable diamond and sapphire eternity bands

Diamond Eternity rings are commonly called stackable bands reason being they can mix and matched with all different styles.  The walls of the diamond eternity rings are flat so other rings can lay flush hence the word “stack”.

Diamond eternity rings come in different widths, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.  We recommend when stacking diamond rings to have contrast.  To much of the same will look over bearing.  Try a 1ct diamond prong set eternity ring white gold, 1ct channel set diamond eternity ring yellow gold, and a 1/3ct vintage style diamond rose gold eternity ring.  The different styles and colors will give you versatility and designer look.  The good news about Pompeii3 is our prices are super cheap so you can afford to buy several to have the “wow” look for less.  The mentioned 3 are the most popular buy check out these styles as well if you’re looking for a unique stackable diamond eternity wedding ring.

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Another very popular option this year was black diamond stackable eternity rings in white gold or black gold.  This color really pops when you mix with white diamonds or yellow gold.  Black diamonds are affordable so you can really get a lot of bang for your buck with Pompeii3.  Check out our selection of black diamond eternity rings;

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