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Stackable diamond eternity rings are stacking up in the jewelry industry

stackable diamond and sapphire eternity bands

stackable diamond and sapphire eternity bands

Diamond Eternity rings are commonly called stackable bands reason being they can mix and matched with all different styles.  The walls of the diamond eternity rings are flat so other rings can lay flush hence the word “stack”.

Diamond eternity rings come in different widths, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.  We recommend when stacking diamond rings to have contrast.  To much of the same will look over bearing.  Try a 1ct diamond prong set eternity ring white gold, 1ct channel set diamond eternity ring yellow gold, and a 1/3ct vintage style diamond rose gold eternity ring.  The different styles and colors will give you versatility and designer look.  The good news about Pompeii3 is our prices are super cheap so you can afford to buy several to have the “wow” look for less.  The mentioned 3 are the most popular buy check out these styles as well if you’re looking for a unique stackable diamond eternity wedding ring.

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Another very popular option this year was black diamond stackable eternity rings in white gold or black gold.  This color really pops when you mix with white diamonds or yellow gold.  Black diamonds are affordable so you can really get a lot of bang for your buck with Pompeii3.  Check out our selection of black diamond eternity rings;

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3 stone diamond engagement ring

What Does A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Or Pendant Represent? (Past, Present, Future)

What Does A 3 Stone Diamond Ring Or Pendant Represent? (Past, Present, Future)

Presenting your loved one with a present or simply proposing him/her is a challenging task for the ones that have no knowledge of rings or diamonds. It is necessary that you conduct enough research prior to the actual purchase. This will help you get more knowledge about jewelry and what’s in fashion. It is very important that you choose the perfect piece of jewelry and for that you need to know a little more about it. A little ahead in the research process, you’d come to know that diamond is the perfect stone to present to your loved one. So what kind of diamond do you have in mind?

3 Stone Diamond Ring or Pendant

3 stone diamond ring or pendant is one of the most popular jewelry for engagement. This is because it symbolizes past, present, and future. 3 stone diamond ring or pendant is a representation of eternal love and means that I loved you, I love you, and I will always love you. If your loved one presents to you a 3 stone diamond ring or pendant, it simply means that he/she is promising to be with you forever. These rings and pendants are often called trinity or trilogy and can be made according to your preference.

Some people use a large diamond stone in the middle of the two relatively smaller stones. This signifies that the present holds the most importance. This way the stones in the ring or a pendant can be changed based on your preference.

Friendship, Love and Fidelity

The 3 stone diamond ring or pendant often symbolizes friendship, love and fidelity. Every stone holds its own meaning and is a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. A 3 stone diamond ring or pendant is the perfect gift for a loved one. This means that you promise to be with them throughout life, love them till eternity, and understand them as friends.


How much should you spend on an engagement ring, and what is the best way to propose?


An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and love. You propose your partner with a ring that is meaningful, valuable and most importantly attractive. There is no specific plan for spending on an engagement ring. It is more to do with the budget you have and the preference of your partner. When you are ready to propose your partner, the most crucial step is just in line; choosing the engagement ring. For many men, it can be an exhilarating experience. Read on to get a few tips on how should you be spending on an engagement ring.

  1. What would your partner like? The engagement ring should be purchased keeping in mind the preference of your partner.
  2. What size stone would she prefer? Most women like a big sized diamond to flaunt it to her friends and family.
  3. The most important thing – What is your budget? The budget matters the most because no matter what ring you choose, you will need to have the amount to pay for it. Get a ring that is affordable, preferably a clarity enhanced diamond ring.
  4. Do not settle for a cheap engagement ring.

So now you have purchased the perfect diamond ring for your sweetheart. The next step that is in line is the proposal. Proposing to your loved one for marriage or engagement can be nerve wrecking. First of all, you need to stay calm because nervousness can ruin any situation. Take control of the proposal and make sure you know it is the most important part of your life. Your future life depends on this proposal so give your best shot to impress your love. We have a few tips to help you out.

  1. You should know your girl to be able to propose her in the best way.
  2. Set a romantic date that should not be too general (like a dinner).
  3. If your girl likes attention than propose at a place where there is a crowd.
  4. Make it meaningful by saying a few words.
  5. Don’t adopt the traditional ‘proposing on the knees’ trick. Bring something new like proposing her on a hot air balloon, high in the sky.

Remember, proposing your girlfriend should come from the heart. Make the proposal meaningful and give your girl the best memories that she could cherish forever.


Various halo style diamond engagement rings

What is the most popular engagement ring?

The most classic diamond engagement ring is a Tiffany style four or six prong solitaire style.  However today our most popular diamond engagement ring is a little different.  The most popular ring features a round brilliance center stone and round cut accent diamonds with a HALO.  Halo refers to the accent stones that go around the main stone.  Variations of this theme are by far today’s most popular diamond engagement ring.  Some halos are round, and others are cushion or square shaped but again the most important thing is the ring has ALL round stones.  Round diamonds and have always been the most popular.  Round brilliant cut diamonds will also look the largest and have the most brilliance of any cut in an “apples to apples” comparison.   So there you have it, today’s most popular diamond engagement ring is a halo style with all round diamonds.

What is the best width for an engagement ring?

What is the best width for an engagement ring?

This question depends on taste, preference, and hand size however we always have an opinion.  There is a relationship between center stone size and band size.  The larger the band the smaller the center stone will look.  If you want the center stone to really POP than go with a band that is thinner approx less than 3mm.  A thin band, less than 1.5mm, will last a lifetime and never bend or become oval shape overtime with normal wear.  Larger width bands will make more of a statement but generally look best on women with larger hands or longer fingers.   We recommend 2-3mm width as an average, it will nice, not take away from the center stone, and hold up the best with regular wear.

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Stackable Diamond Wedding Rings

Stackable Wedding Rings

Its no surprise celebrity trends create demand in the jeweler industry and  customers eye them with envy.   When the news of celebrity couples tying the knot is plastered across the internet, everyone wants a look at the ring.   The most popular ring was Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire halo style heirloom diamond engagement ring.  The most recent trend is stackable diamond rings.   Stacking wedding bands have grown in popularity due to much  celebrity love. How can one not love the whole idea of beautifying the two most important rings a lady ever receives in her life; the engagement ring and the wedding band! The stackable concept is when you wear or stack a thin pave diamond ring on either side fo your engagement ring.  Some great ideas are thin pave row of diamonds, or be colorful with blue or black diamonds.  Now ladies prefer wearing their wedding band stacked on top of their engagement ring, which multiplies the beauty!



Another way of increasing the beauty is to choose an eternity band as your wedding band. An eternity band when stacked against any engagement ring would make any lady feel like royalty. I chose a blue and a white eternity band as my husband had proposed to me with a blue sapphire engagement ring. We decided to shop for wedding bands together and as soon as I laid my eyes on the eternity ring that was made of alternating sapphires and diamonds, I knew I wanted it.

Pompeii3 has a huge selection of eternity rings, each one more beautiful than the last. Even though my engagement ring was made from a Sapphire, I had many wedding rings to choose from that would have looked beautiful stacked up against the ring.



Three Stone Ring vs Halo Diamond Ring

Should you get a 3 stone diamond ring, or halo diamond ring for your engagement ring?  Both are very nice, and you’ll likely love either but Im happy to give you another point of view.

Three Stone diamond rings, are classic and symbolize the past present and future.  Not get sappy but this can relate to everyone relationship and life.  This style can vary a bit with different shapes, princess cut, round cut being the most popular, and emerald cut.  Our most popular 3 stone diamond ring features round diamonds and has a halo around each main stone.  1.00 cttw 14k white gold – $599.

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The other great alternative is a halo engagement ring.  Halo diamond engagement rings are hot hot hot.  The most popular shape is round brilliant cut with a cushion halo.  This contrast in shape is our personal favorite!  The look is a classic with a redefined twist.  You can go with a split or single row shank band, the single will make the center sotne look bigger and come time for a matching wedding band be easier to find.

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So back to the original question, 3 stone vs halo diamond ring?  We recommend the halo ring, 3 stone diamond rings are more commonly used for anniversary or gifts, where halo diamond rings are better fit for an engagement ring.  This decision is tough but make a decision based upon the reason to gift.


Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable diamond rings are a super hot trend.  If you dont have a stackable diamond ring and I mean ALOT of them you need to showpnow!  Stackable dimaond rings are affordable, our most popular one is $100 so price is not a concern.  We offer our stackable diamonds rings in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.  The best are the really thin ones that measure approx 1.1mm so you can stack 3-5mm depending if you have a longer finger.

These are just some of the celebrities sporting stackable flash diamond rings.

Stackable diamond rings can be worn on the engagement ring finger or left hand.  Its a nice break to sport a channel set stackable diamond ring mixed with a bezel set diamond eternity ring.  Mixing different diamond rings give you a lot of wardrobe flexibility.  Another great stackable look is mixing a larger diamond eternity ring approx 3-4.00ct with a delicate dainty stackable diamond ring.  The contrast in sizes looks stunning!

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Vintage stackable diamond rings have also become popular.  VIntage designs generally have milgrain and filigree accents that border the diamonds.  We specialize in rose gold and white diamond stackable vintage antique eternity rings.  These are our top sellers.  Have fun and mix and match to give you everyday flexibility.

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Affordable 2013 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Many diamond engagement ring trends have come and gone.  Vintage to classic tastes and preferences have changed with brides and grooms.  Halo diamond engagement rings are hot hot hot this year.  The other common theme is affordable diamond engagement rings.  This is an affordable diamond halo engagement ring that will make her say I do.  This 1.00CT 14K White Gold Diamond engagement ring costs $969 with FREE shipping.

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The simplicity of the single row of diamonds and ever so popular halo top is something the special someone in your life will always love!  Affordable diamond engagement rings is our specialty.  The look and quality is same as your local jewelry store but at a fraction of the price.  

The other popular theme is remounting a family heirloom diamond.  This also make the ring a bit more affordable when you use grandma’s diamond.  Most older styles are yellow gold, so you can check out one of our new diamond engagement ring settings, or vintage semi mounts to reset your diamond.  This allows you to create your own ring and legacy.  Whether you and your significant other are creating your own wedding Rings from heirloom jewelry or simply using vintage jewelry or budget shopping for deals, there are many options available. This year’s trend could be your golden opportunity to find affordable diamond wedding Rings.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Spring is here and this means wedding season is among us. Brides and grooms are looking for great deals and hot steals for their special day.  Say thank you, with a gift, to your bridesmaids and love ones.  This king gesture is commonly done with today’s weddings.

Diamond and gemstone jewelry is the best idea because its something they can wear for the big day and enjoy for years to come. This is a list of our recommendations;

1. Diamond Earrings: Diamond earrings are the most popular gift idea.  You can dress them up or down and remember forever why it was the best wedding.  Diamond earrings go with all outfits and dresses.  Our most popular diamonds earrings are, 1/4CT 14K Dangle Diamond Earrings for $99.99,  1/4CT Diamond Studs for $69.99, and 1/3CT Blue Diamond 14K Studs for $89.99.

2. Gemstones – a wonderful idea would be color coordinated brides-made.  Pompeii3 has a large selection of gemstones, this years most popular color is purple which matches well with Amethyst.  Other colors would be blue (Sapphire), pink (Pink sapphire) and (Morganite).

3. Diamond Initial Pendants are a a great idea.  You can personalize your gift and make it unique. Pompeii3 has a stunning collection of classic diamond initial pendants.  Our diamond initial pendants are designed in in cursive giving them a more sophisticated elegant look and feel.

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4. Heart Pendants are guaranteed to make any bridesmaid smile.  This gift is a “lay up”, you cant miss.  It shows you appreciate and love for everything they have helped with.  Diamond and gemstone heart pendants are glamorous and can be the perfect item for them to wear for your special day.

5. Black Diamond Jewelry always adds a pop of formal color.  Black diamonds are affordable and will make a statement on your big day.  You can mix and match with different bridesmaid’s.  If one already has earrings you can get her a ring,  if one has a ring you can get her a pendant.  The common black theme will match and be unique to each bridesmaid’s individual style.

What was the best bridesmaid gift you ever received?