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Stunning BLUE

Say Halo Diamond To Diamond Engagement Ring

Fashion forward or classically bold our round halo diamond engagement rings will be loved by all women.  Halo diamond engagement rings are popular today but quickly becoming a staple to the business.  We specialize in both round halo diamond engagement rings, and princess cut diamond halo engagement rings.  Halo diamond rings will give the main diamond a larger appearance but also give the diamond ring a little more piazzaz from the everyday solitaire diamond ring.

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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

At Pompeii3 locally sourcing products and labor is a top priority.  Most other companies buy overseas and resell, but we have found a way to produce affordable jewelry that your guaranteed to cherish forever!

Meet Vince, he is one of the jewelers that has been with us for over 30 years.  He specializes in pave, prong, and channel setting.  Most of the lovely halo diamond engagement rings, or common prong eternity rings you see on are set by him.


We have over 55, 000 items available on our site, and most are handmade to order.  This is great news for you because the item has not been sitting around, being resized, or scuffed from other customers trying on.  Additionally by keeping our inventory low we can offer you the most affordable price.  Each engagement ring or wedding band we make is special for you and handcrafted by one of our talented jewelers.  Jewelry is like art the items are each slightly unique and will have some variance especially with our vintage antique style hand engraved engagement rings.  Hand engraved or filigree rings are very popular and Pompeii3′s specialty.



Vintage style engagement rings are VERY popular today!  If you want something different and unique from what you can find in every jewelry store than you probably want a vintage or antique style ring.  Elements to this design will have filigree which is curing and sculpturing on the walls, and or milgrain which is almost like the edge of a quarter. has a huge selection of vintage style engagement rings that will suit every budget.


Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings

Do you have a stone or a diamond that is really special for you, or a ring that has been passed down through generations? Would you like to keep the diamond and replace the setting to present to your lady when you propose to her? Or do you have loose diamonds that you would like to place in an engagement ring on a budget!

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These special stones and diamonds that are close to your heart deserve a ring setting that is as unique and special as the stone. Although you might love these antique rings dearly, your love one might not appreciate being given an old ring that she cannot show off to her friends. A better option is to remove the stone from the old ring and place it in a new ring setting. This will allow you to keep the stone that holds sentimental value, save considerable money by using an old diamond, as well as please your lady by presenting her with a diamond ring that is as unique and special as she is. She would love the fact that you went to all that trouble to please her, not to mention the fact that the ring will have a story she can tell everyone. has a whole range of affordable ring settings at wholesale prices that are made for just such a situation. They provided me with a wide range of selection to choose from until I found the perfect ring setting for my lady. Needless to say I got a positive reaction when I proposed with a ring as beautiful as the one I got from Pompeii3. She didn’t have a clue that it was an old diamond, and she couldn’t believe her eyes when I revealed it to her. If you are in a similar situation, take a look at the settings they have, you are sure to find something that you love. Each of these ring settings are a masterpiece on its own due to the handiwork of the rings.

Fashion Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, every woman wants her ring to be different and unique from everyone else. The worst possible scenario is being proposed to by the man you love, with a ring that you do not 100% love.  We love trends, especially the new halo design, split shank, and vintage antique engagement ring styles.  We follow the celebrities who are tying the knot and consistently design cutting edge modern and vintage designs.

Its important when picking out a diamond engagement ring to take into consideration what likes and dislikes one has in diamond ring.  These will be the reasons they fall in love with you even more and make the moment so special.  Halo diamond engagement rings have been the hottest trend. “Halo” diamond is when the main stone is accented by small stones creating and illusion or “halo”. It was only when  they see a halo diamond ring from Pompeii3 that will bring tears in the eyes and a very happy ‘yes’ to the lips!

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Engagement Ringson Budget

Engagement Ringson Budget

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One of the most special days of a girl’s life is the day she gets proposed to by the man she loves. The next big thing is the ring. It can fill her with pride or resentment which is why choosing the right ring is a significant decision any guy has to make. You can make her the envy of her friends or the joke of the group. Just watch any wedding centered movie from Hollywood and what is the first thing her friends ask her after she breaks the news to them, “show us the ring!” or “Is that the ring?” Now, this can be said with envious surprise or it can be said with glee in a taunting tone meant to belittle the woman.

Not focusing on the cruelty of the statement and instead how you can make your fiancé-to-be feel like the most special women on Earth. If you are on a budget and find that the prices of engagement rings are impossibly high, let me share with you what I discovered when I was in a similar situation.

The DeBeers rule of thumb is you should spend three months pay on a ring.  I tend to disagree with this statement, spend what your comfortable with and can comfortably afford.  There is a diamond for every price point and no one should be not not have the opportunity. has offered the highest quality for the cheapest price.  Cheap diamond engagement and wedding rings is our speciality.  We give you designer looks that you would cost 3 times as much. is your destination when shopping for an engagement ring on a budget.

When I was lost trying to find an engagement ring within my budget, I came upon They have the widest selection of engagement rings on a budget that are sure to leave your fiancé floating on clouds and her friends, green with envy. They have many gorgeous rings that are trendy and designed with the latest trends in mind. They are a lifesaver for someone on a budget. Go ahead take a look, you will love them!

3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This year 3 stone diamond rings have been wildly popular!  What does a three stone diamond ring represent engagement or anniversary?  Well, its actually both which is probably why its done so well.  Three round or princess cut diamonds represent your past present and future.  The three diamonds closely set give an overall large appearance.  At Pompeii3 we really like 3 round stones with about 3-4 round accent diamonds on the side like our 1.00ct diamond ring on sale for $549.

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The other popular 3 stone diamond style has halo accents, the 3 stone halo diamond engagement ring has also become popular like our 1.00ct three stone round diamond halo ring for $599.

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If you want to be a little different or colorful perhaps you would be interested in a blue diamond 3 stone ring.  You can go classic or unique and add halo accents.  Halo diamonds are little diamonds that encircle the main diamond, this has become popular because it makes the main stone look even larger without spending a lot more to get a bigger single stone.

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Black is the new black

A lot of customers have been asking us….”what is a black diamond?”  Black diamonds are real genuine diamonds.  Rarely does mother nature make them solid black so most are irradiated.  This is technically a color enhancement but it does not change over time.  Irradiated may affect the integrity of the stone but again this is a diamond so its VERY hard and has with stood a lot of pressure and heat on its way to earth.

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We love making jewelry and educating customers on our products quality and local manufacturing.  Its really important in todays economy to support local made in USA products.

The most popular black diamond items for us have been comfort fit mens black diamond wedding rings, halo vintage style black diamond engagement rings, and black diamond studs.  Black diamonds are very cheap in the world of diamonds, because they are generally the lower clarity diamonds that turn black the best.  Black diamonds will give you the most bang for your buck!

4.00CT Black Diamond studs available in 14k white and yellow gold – $449

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Black diamonds are graded in A, AA, and AAA.  So you’re asking the question its a diamond but why is it not graded like a white diamond?  Well, the main reason is because the brilliance of a black diamond is MUCH different than a white diamond.  Black diamonds have some brilliance because of the hardness and faceting, however they do not have brilliance like a white diamond.  Black diamonds are opaque you cannot see through them so the look is very close to black spinel or onyx.  A is the lowest quality and AAA is the highest quality.  What makes a black diamond high or low quality?  A low quality black diamond will have blemishes and chips on the table or top of the diamond.  Some minor imperfections on the bottom is not a big deal because you cant really see the bottom nor do we set stones up side down.  Pompeii3 we only use AAA, they are cut the best and have no face up surface blemishes.  Our designs are our own and very sleek.  Check out our selection of black diamond engagement rings, black diamond wedding rings, black diamond studs, and black diamond pendants.

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Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Rings 14K White Gold

Black Diamond engagement rings a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck.  Unfortunately black diamond’s do not have brilliance, they are similar to gemstones and pretty much opaque.  Also because of the material and type of treatment they are likely to have some surface flaws such as pitting, chips, or breaks.  This is common, but again for the price you can’t possibly expect it to be flawless or perfect.  Black diamonds are heavily included diamonds that have been treated with an irradiation color enhancement.  The color will not fade overtime.

Black diamond engagement rings are great for the person who wants something a little different from the traditional white diamond engagement ring.  Black diamond’s come in different shapes but more popular and look the best at round. 

The most popular style we have seen with respect to engagement rings and black diamonds would be Vintage.  Vintage and antique black diamond engagement rings are HOT!  Many celebs like Carmen Electra are sporting this trend.  Vintage black diamond engagement rings will characteristically have hand engraving, milgrain, and filigree.  Pompeii3 has a really unique and affordable selection of black diamond engagement rings.

You can always find the classic white halo diamond ring with a black diamond center, but if you’re already being different by getting a black diamond why not stand out with a really cool designer looking setting?   

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Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement ring season is quickly approaching.  April, is the most popular month for engagements.  This years most popular theme is vintage engagement rings.  Vintage engagement rings feature hand engraved etched designs.  Milgrain and filigree etching is also characteristic of vintage diamond engagement rings.  Antique diamond engagement rings are also similarly referred to this style.  Antique diamond engagement rings are also considered vintage or art deco.  These unique and stylish engagement rings will set you apart from all the classic diamond engagement rings.  These are some of our most popular vintage diamond engagement rings fashioned in 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, and platinum.


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We are constantly designing new engagement ring styles.  Our designer looking vintage diamond engagement rings are high quality and half the price as other name brand mall jewelers.  Halo diamond vintage engagement ring designs are mostly pave and prong set.  Some come with matching milgrain bands.  Be unique and show off your vintage style engagement ring and keep some cash in your pocket.

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Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue diamonds are very popular, its no surprise why they are stealing the show and trend for colored diamonds.  Blue diamond engagement rings are unique and stylish.  Blue diamond engagement rings will catch your attention and look great with classic and vintage engagement ring styles.  The most unique blue diamond engagement rings are the ones with hand engraved milgrain accent detail.  Pompeii3 has the most unique on of a kind blue diamond engagement ring selection.

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Some of our unique blue diamond engagement rings feature halo diamonds that accent and border the blue diamond.  Other blue diamond ring styles have intertwined infinity style accent diamonds.  All are sure to compliment and not take away from the genuine blue diamond.

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Princess cut blue diamond engagement rings are not as popular as round blue diamond ring styles.  Choose your style whichever shows off your look!  If your’re looking to stand out or just tired of white diamond engagement rings than a blue diamond is perfect for you!

Also popular are three stone blue diamond engagement rings.  The best look is when they are accented with white diamond.  Display your love with a past present future 3 stone blue diamond engagement ring.

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