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Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable diamond rings are a super hot trend.  If you dont have a stackable diamond ring and I mean ALOT of them you need to showpnow!  Stackable dimaond rings are affordable, our most popular one is $100 so price is not a concern.  We offer our stackable diamonds rings in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.  The best are the really thin ones that measure approx 1.1mm so you can stack 3-5mm depending if you have a longer finger.

These are just some of the celebrities sporting stackable flash diamond rings.

Stackable diamond rings can be worn on the engagement ring finger or left hand.  Its a nice break to sport a channel set stackable diamond ring mixed with a bezel set diamond eternity ring.  Mixing different diamond rings give you a lot of wardrobe flexibility.  Another great stackable look is mixing a larger diamond eternity ring approx 3-4.00ct with a delicate dainty stackable diamond ring.  The contrast in sizes looks stunning!

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Vintage stackable diamond rings have also become popular.  VIntage designs generally have milgrain and filigree accents that border the diamonds.  We specialize in rose gold and white diamond stackable vintage antique eternity rings.  These are our top sellers.  Have fun and mix and match to give you everyday flexibility.

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Petite Diamond Bar & Circle Pendants

we have seen a recent spike in demand for mini pendants.  These include diamond infinity pendants, diamond bar pendants, diamond halo pendants, diamond crosses, and diamond circle pendants.  Petite and delicate is in!  The look for a little flash is something you can wear every day and never get sick of.  Available in white and yellow gold, white gold seems to be the most popular for the mini diamond pendants.


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Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Rings 14K White Gold

Black Diamond engagement rings a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck.  Unfortunately black diamond’s do not have brilliance, they are similar to gemstones and pretty much opaque.  Also because of the material and type of treatment they are likely to have some surface flaws such as pitting, chips, or breaks.  This is common, but again for the price you can’t possibly expect it to be flawless or perfect.  Black diamonds are heavily included diamonds that have been treated with an irradiation color enhancement.  The color will not fade overtime.

Black diamond engagement rings are great for the person who wants something a little different from the traditional white diamond engagement ring.  Black diamond’s come in different shapes but more popular and look the best at round. 

The most popular style we have seen with respect to engagement rings and black diamonds would be Vintage.  Vintage and antique black diamond engagement rings are HOT!  Many celebs like Carmen Electra are sporting this trend.  Vintage black diamond engagement rings will characteristically have hand engraving, milgrain, and filigree.  Pompeii3 has a really unique and affordable selection of black diamond engagement rings.

You can always find the classic white halo diamond ring with a black diamond center, but if you’re already being different by getting a black diamond why not stand out with a really cool designer looking setting?   

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