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Morganite Jewelry is Trending!

Morganite  is trending and SO SO popular and no one makes it more affordable thank Pompeii3!  The gem is like a moonstone, it has properties that create prosperity and desire.  The stone is prestigious and relatively new to   When we first brought this stone to our product line we wanted to see what our customers thought, well you have spoken over 1500 pieces have sold with morganite gems.  It takes years for a morganite to be created.  This gem  has status and has a stunning peach pink hue.  It has brilliance and refract light, it comes from the earth and has few mining deposits.  The supply is limited and considered one of nature’s rarest gemstone.   Check out or selection of unique, classic, and vintage morganite jewelry.

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Celebrities are also sporting this how new trend.  Morganite gems look link pink diamonds and set up beautifully in rose gold.

Britney wedding ring

Check out our new video of the most popular morganite diamond engagement ring pave set in solid 14k rose gold.

Black diamond studs available in white and yellow gold.

What to get Mom for Mothers Day?

Get mom something cool this year, how about black diamonds!? Black diamonds are a bit trendy but a fun way to show her that you’re in style.  Black is strong, bold, and sleek just like Mom.  Black diamond studs are the perfect gift that show your affection.  The best part is they are cool and so so so affordable.  Make you’re mom hip and buy her a pair of 1.00ct black diamond studs available in 14k white or yellow gold for $149.99.

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