Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Blue sapphire marquise and diamond ring has sharp color, over 1.50ct’s.  The mounting is grand and made of solid 14k white gold.  Sapphire is “gem of the heaves” Sapphire is precious, popular, and the most sought after gemstone, you’re guaranteed to fall in love!

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Blue is the favorite color for men and women.  Its a very special calming color and great to wear.  100′s of years ago blue sapphire was the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Add to your sapphire collection with a stunning halo ring.

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Australia, Ceylon, and Thailand are the most popular locations.  Our blue sapphires come from Thailand which is comparable to all the major locations.  Sapphires are being worn by major celebrities and being featured in fashion magazines.

We just got back from JCK, the largest jewelry show in USA, and blue sapphires are right on trend and becoming rare.

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