Rose Gold – Jewelry Trend

rose celebrity
Rose gold has become this years most popular trend.  Rose gold with a bold satin finish has never looked more chic.  Rose gold jewelry has always been around, but recently popular celebrities and designers such as Michael Koors have made it feminine and popular.  Rose gold has perfect for the spring season and becoming more popular with diamond engagement rings.  The look is not as typical as white gold, but replacing yellow gold.  Rose gold has a skin tone and looks good on fair skin.  Many thing rose gold is pink, and its not!  Its more of a copper color and can be masculine.  One of our most popular rings is a hammered 14k rose gold wedding band measuring 6MM wide.  Pop icons and celebs such as Jennifer Aniston have been seen wearing rose gold earrings and watches.
Rose gold is just as durable as white gold or yellow gold.  Use coupon code LOYALTY5 to get 5% off the rose gold morganite halo split shank ring below!
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