Affordable 2013 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Many diamond engagement ring trends have come and gone.  Vintage to classic tastes and preferences have changed with brides and grooms.  Halo diamond engagement rings are hot hot hot this year.  The other common theme is affordable diamond engagement rings.  This is an affordable diamond halo engagement ring that will make her say I do.  This 1.00CT 14K White Gold Diamond engagement ring costs $969 with FREE shipping.

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The simplicity of the single row of diamonds and ever so popular halo top is something the special someone in your life will always love!  Affordable diamond engagement rings is our specialty.  The look and quality is same as your local jewelry store but at a fraction of the price.  

The other popular theme is remounting a family heirloom diamond.  This also make the ring a bit more affordable when you use grandma’s diamond.  Most older styles are yellow gold, so you can check out one of our new diamond engagement ring settings, or vintage semi mounts to reset your diamond.  This allows you to create your own ring and legacy.  Whether you and your significant other are creating your own wedding Rings from heirloom jewelry or simply using vintage jewelry or budget shopping for deals, there are many options available. This year’s trend could be your golden opportunity to find affordable diamond wedding Rings.

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