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Black is the new black

A lot of customers have been asking us….”what is a black diamond?”  Black diamonds are real genuine diamonds.  Rarely does mother nature make them solid black so most are irradiated.  This is technically a color enhancement but it does not change over time.  Irradiated may affect the integrity of the stone but again this is a diamond so its VERY hard and has with stood a lot of pressure and heat on its way to earth.

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We love making jewelry and educating customers on our products quality and local manufacturing.  Its really important in todays economy to support local made in USA products.

The most popular black diamond items for us have been comfort fit mens black diamond wedding rings, halo vintage style black diamond engagement rings, and black diamond studs.  Black diamonds are very cheap in the world of diamonds, because they are generally the lower clarity diamonds that turn black the best.  Black diamonds will give you the most bang for your buck!

4.00CT Black Diamond studs available in 14k white and yellow gold – $449

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Black diamonds are graded in A, AA, and AAA.  So you’re asking the question its a diamond but why is it not graded like a white diamond?  Well, the main reason is because the brilliance of a black diamond is MUCH different than a white diamond.  Black diamonds have some brilliance because of the hardness and faceting, however they do not have brilliance like a white diamond.  Black diamonds are opaque you cannot see through them so the look is very close to black spinel or onyx.  A is the lowest quality and AAA is the highest quality.  What makes a black diamond high or low quality?  A low quality black diamond will have blemishes and chips on the table or top of the diamond.  Some minor imperfections on the bottom is not a big deal because you cant really see the bottom nor do we set stones up side down.  Pompeii3 we only use AAA, they are cut the best and have no face up surface blemishes.  Our designs are our own and very sleek.  Check out our selection of black diamond engagement rings, black diamond wedding rings, black diamond studs, and black diamond pendants.

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Vintage Black Diamond Engagement Rings 14K White Gold

Black Diamond engagement rings a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck.  Unfortunately black diamond’s do not have brilliance, they are similar to gemstones and pretty much opaque.  Also because of the material and type of treatment they are likely to have some surface flaws such as pitting, chips, or breaks.  This is common, but again for the price you can’t possibly expect it to be flawless or perfect.  Black diamonds are heavily included diamonds that have been treated with an irradiation color enhancement.  The color will not fade overtime.

Black diamond engagement rings are great for the person who wants something a little different from the traditional white diamond engagement ring.  Black diamond’s come in different shapes but more popular and look the best at round. 

The most popular style we have seen with respect to engagement rings and black diamonds would be Vintage.  Vintage and antique black diamond engagement rings are HOT!  Many celebs like Carmen Electra are sporting this trend.  Vintage black diamond engagement rings will characteristically have hand engraving, milgrain, and filigree.  Pompeii3 has a really unique and affordable selection of black diamond engagement rings.

You can always find the classic white halo diamond ring with a black diamond center, but if you’re already being different by getting a black diamond why not stand out with a really cool designer looking setting?   

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Kat Von D Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Joel Zimmerman proposed to Kat Von D the high profile tatoo artist.  They’ve been on and off like a light switch but the proposal with this custom platinum skull white and black diamond engagement ring screams commitment.



The happy couple: Kat Von D and Deadmau5 pictured in Las Vegas on September 22, shortly after going public with their romance


Couldn't be happier! Kat's Instagram picture of her gothic engagement ring


Kat, 30, promptly tweeted in response: ‘Mi corazon! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiance!