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Stackable Diamond Rings

Stackable diamond rings are a super hot trend.  If you dont have a stackable diamond ring and I mean ALOT of them you need to showpnow!  Stackable dimaond rings are affordable, our most popular one is $100 so price is not a concern.  We offer our stackable diamonds rings in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.  The best are the really thin ones that measure approx 1.1mm so you can stack 3-5mm depending if you have a longer finger.

These are just some of the celebrities sporting stackable flash diamond rings.

Stackable diamond rings can be worn on the engagement ring finger or left hand.  Its a nice break to sport a channel set stackable diamond ring mixed with a bezel set diamond eternity ring.  Mixing different diamond rings give you a lot of wardrobe flexibility.  Another great stackable look is mixing a larger diamond eternity ring approx 3-4.00ct with a delicate dainty stackable diamond ring.  The contrast in sizes looks stunning!

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Vintage stackable diamond rings have also become popular.  VIntage designs generally have milgrain and filigree accents that border the diamonds.  We specialize in rose gold and white diamond stackable vintage antique eternity rings.  These are our top sellers.  Have fun and mix and match to give you everyday flexibility.

Close this window14K Black Diamond Ring $109.99

What diamond engagement ring should I buy my girlfriend?

With the internet there are many diamond engagement ring options.  Start with a budget, GIA and De Beers recommend spending approx. three months salary on a diamond engagement ring.

You have the budget now, the next option to picking out the perfect diamond engagement ring is figure out here style.  Is your girlfriend traditional, vintage, or modern.  Traditional classic styles are commonly solitaire engagement rings set in four or six prongs.  Vintage style diamond engagement rings have milgrain or hand engraving.  Modern diamond engagement rings have curves or hard lines.  Here are a few classic, modern, and vintage style diamond engagement ring examples;


Click here to view larger image$1599 2.25CT Vintage Real Diamond Engagement Ring


Click here to view larger image$579 .60CT Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold


Click here to view larger image$799 .90CT Halo Diamond Split Shank Ring 14K White Gold


Shape; Round or Princess cut diamond engagement ring.  Both are very nice, princess cut is more unique and different.  I would recommend this shape for the person that likes modern diamond engagement rings.  Round brilliant cut diamonds have more sparkle and brilliance because of the cutting and generally look larger.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are best for the person who likes vintage, or classic diamond engagement rings.  Princess cut diamonds hold a lot of weight below the girdle so naturally look smaller than round diamonds.  Pompeii3 has the largest selection of round diamond engagement rings and specializes in antique vintage style rings.  If you’re in the market for a vintage style diamond engagement ring that no one has at an exceptional value, shop pompeii3.com.

Size; Everyone likes huge diamonds.  Something to consider, the larger the diamond the more visible inclusions can be.  In an apples to apples comparison larger diamonds will sparkle more because of the larger facet sizes.  1/2ct is the average diamond engagement ring size, Pompeii3 makes affordable real diamond engagement rings with sizes up to 4.00ct.  Yes bigger is generally better unless you’re after museum quality.

Metal; Platinum is about four times as expensive as white gold.  White gold looks just as good and will also last a lifetime.  The facts are as follows;

-Platinum is 1.8X as heavy

-Platinum is much more expensive

-Platinum is tarnish resistant

-Platinum is hypoallergenic

So why not go with platinum?  Diamond engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime and while platinum does a good job, its actually softer than white gold.  We recommend white gold for all diamond engagement rings because of the hardness.  Yes it will need to be rhodium plated once a year, but as a general rule you should have your ring checked about once a year.  C’mon you’re wearing the ring everyday its possible something can come loose.  Its better to be proactive than surprised when something happens.  We recommend spending more on the diamond than the metal which looks exactly the same and will ding and dull much quicker than white gold.

I hope this posting has been helpful, in conclusion spend approx three months salary on a diamond engagement ring.  Pick a style modern, classic, or vintage.  Pick a shape, round or princess cut diamonds.  Pick a metal; white gold or platinum.

Staff pick;

Click here to view larger image$999 1.15CT Vintage Halo Diamond Gatsby Style Ring 14K White Gold -