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What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are trending and turning heads in the diamond industry.  The biggest difference and reason a consumer would purchases these in my opinion PRICE.  Pompeii3 sells lab grown diamonds for at least 30% less than natural diamonds.  Many manufacturers state they are eco friendly and environmentally responsible.  This is true and may appeal to some, but the bottom line is they are cheaper and superior in terms of quality and made of exactly the same material, carbon!

These are more reasons why you should love lab grown diamonds;



40%less than an equivalent earth-mined diamond.


98%of earth-mined diamonds currently available.


100%pure carbon. These are real diamonds.


100%from disclosed labs in first world countries.

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What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are new to the market and making a splash in the diamond market!  Lab grown diamonds are not synthetic or to be confused with cz’s.  These are REAL diamonds that have the same chemical composition and brilliance.  The stones is cut just like a diamond and uses the same diamond cutting materials.  Pompeii3 is now selling VS to VVS lab grown diamonds purchased from EX3 Created a US distributor of very high quality ideal cut lab grown diamonds in Libertyville, IL.  Lab grown diamonds price about 20% less and look exactly the same…..keep in mind its DIAMOND!

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