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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Spring is here and this means wedding season is among us. Brides and grooms are looking for great deals and hot steals for their special day.  Say thank you, with a gift, to your bridesmaids and love ones.  This king gesture is commonly done with today’s weddings.

Diamond and gemstone jewelry is the best idea because its something they can wear for the big day and enjoy for years to come. This is a list of our recommendations;

1. Diamond Earrings: Diamond earrings are the most popular gift idea.  You can dress them up or down and remember forever why it was the best wedding.  Diamond earrings go with all outfits and dresses.  Our most popular diamonds earrings are, 1/4CT 14K Dangle Diamond Earrings for $99.99,  1/4CT Diamond Studs for $69.99, and 1/3CT Blue Diamond 14K Studs for $89.99.

2. Gemstones – a wonderful idea would be color coordinated brides-made.  Pompeii3 has a large selection of gemstones, this years most popular color is purple which matches well with Amethyst.  Other colors would be blue (Sapphire), pink (Pink sapphire) and (Morganite).

3. Diamond Initial Pendants are a a great idea.  You can personalize your gift and make it unique. Pompeii3 has a stunning collection of classic diamond initial pendants.  Our diamond initial pendants are designed in in cursive giving them a more sophisticated elegant look and feel.

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4. Heart Pendants are guaranteed to make any bridesmaid smile.  This gift is a “lay up”, you cant miss.  It shows you appreciate and love for everything they have helped with.  Diamond and gemstone heart pendants are glamorous and can be the perfect item for them to wear for your special day.

5. Black Diamond Jewelry always adds a pop of formal color.  Black diamonds are affordable and will make a statement on your big day.  You can mix and match with different bridesmaid’s.  If one already has earrings you can get her a ring,  if one has a ring you can get her a pendant.  The common black theme will match and be unique to each bridesmaid’s individual style.

What was the best bridesmaid gift you ever received?